Women’s Prayer Ministry

Women’s Prayer Ministry The mission of the Women’s Ministry is to ensure that women have a deeper and richer prayer life. Corporate prayer helps the Kingdom of God to build trust  and faith in God.

G•R•O•W Ministry

G·R·O·W Ministry G·R·O·W is a strategy of outreach and evangelism designed to take even the most timid individuals and train them to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through their church. It has many possibilities for motivating people for Jesus Christ on a consistent basis. By design the effort does not required an …

Ushers Ministry

Ushers Ministry The mission of the Usher’s Ministry provides the people with an introduction to Christ by letting our light shine as we open the doors to the sanctuary; leaving them with a lasting impression that Christ lives within us and the church. The Brown’s Memorial Baptist Church Senior Usher Board began in December, 1932 …

Tape Ministry

Tape Ministry The mission of the Tape Ministry is to capture the Worship Services and Activities to provide lasting memories of the experience.

North Carolina Ministry

North Carolina Ministry The mission of the ministry is maintain the heritage of North Carolina through membership of individuals who were either born or raised in the state of North Carolina. Our goal is to maintain that heritage through fellowship with local churches as well as Churches and Ministries in the state of North Carolina. …

Mothers of Zion

Mothers of Zion Mother Ivy Seymour, Mother Rhoda Rose(Deceased), Mother Ophelia Jones, Mother Joyce Williams, Mother Winifred Craine (Deceased), Mother Vivian Lucas, Mother Willie Brown, Mother Maxine Curry The mission of the Mothers of Zion is to provide spiritual guidance and wisdom to the women of the Church.

Music Ministry

Music Ministry The mission of the Music Ministry of is to aid and enrich the worship service through song and praise; to create an atmosphere wherein the worshipers are focused on God and prepared to receive the word of God.

Ministerial Ministry

Ministerial Ministry Associate Ministers Rev. Nicole Flowers,  Rev. Steve Parker, Rev. Philis Johnson Rev. Dr. Florence Alcorn, Rev. Deborah Griffin, Rev. Frances Silverthorne, Rev. Donna Cureton The Associate Ministers of Brown’s Memorial Baptist Church provide pastoral type services to its members. The services include but are not limited to providing support to the congregation in …

Culinary Ministry

Culinary Ministry   The purpose of the Culinary Ministry is to prepare and serve food for the congregation and guest during the Celebration of Anniversaries and Special Activities held at the Church.

Health Ministry

Health Ministry   The Health Ministry serves the Pastor first and foremost. We assist in the spiritual emotions of the congregation and comfort the families in their hour of bereavement. We are responsible for attending all funerals. We strive for committed members, with some knowledge of health care, so that we may be equipped to …

Floral Ministry

Floral Ministry The Pauline Watts Floral Ministry is responsible for the beauty edification of the pulpit with flowers or whatever the pastor desires, plants or flowers on the entrances on Denmore and Belvedere St.Watering and the maintenance of any live plants. Decorating the church for Christmas or where needed. Sis. Birdie Locust

Missionary Ministry

Missionary Ministry Senior Missionary Ministry Elaine Raines, Mother Ivy Seymour, Rosemary Williams, Lureece Brown, Betty Lee Owens, Zelda Partee, Millette Shakes, Deaconess Barbara Matin, Bertha Berrell, Helen Williams, Mother Ophelia Jones, Geraldine Jones, Carolyn Young, Beatrice White, Joyce Sampson, and Annie White (not pictured) Missionary Outreach The mission of the Brown’s Memorial Baptist Church is …

Drama Ministry

Drama Ministry The purpose of the BMBC Drama Ministry is, has been and always shall be to aide in the growth and betterment of the churches mission through live stage productions. We achieve our objectives to enrich and enlighten and at times, entertain our brothers and sisters on their Christian walk through thought provoking and …

Courtesy Ministry

Courtesy Ministry The Courtesy Ministry develops a friendly rapport with our visiting guests and members that exemplifies the love of Christ, upon acknowledgement of their presence through our personal encounter and formal greeting during Worship service. The Ministry extends a greeting and information to assist our guests with knowledge of our mission and activities. Guest …