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G·R·O·W Ministry

G•R•O•W Ministry

G·R·O·W is a strategy of outreach and evangelism designed to take even the most timid individuals and train them to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through their church. It has many possibilities for motivating people for Jesus Christ on a consistent basis. By design the effort does not required an impossible time commitment for team members. A typical G·R·O·W evening becomes the choice of the each team member: Visiting, Letter writing, and/or Calling. All that is required: Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Will you make the commitment? And are you correctly motivated? Check your church bulletin for times and days to come and see if you belong. Please read the following Scripture references before you attend: Matthew 13:54-58, Galatians 6:7, 1 Corinthians 3, Matthew 4:19, Matthew 17:4 and Acts 8:26-31. Brown’s Memorial Baptist Church’s G·R·O·W ministry has been a team that wins for Jesus Christ since 2011.

President: Sister Elaine S. Raines

Secretary: Sister Valerie Franze

Joyce Lee, Linda Shields, Jimmy Whitaker, Geraldine Jones, Lureece Brown,
Margarite Shields, Deborah Mills, Ophelia Jones, James Shields, Jr., Beatrice White