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Ministerial Ministry

Associate Ministers

Ministerial Ministry

Rev. Nicole Flowers,  Rev. Steve Parker, Rev. Philis Johnson

Rev. Dr. Florence Alcorn, Rev. Deborah Griffin, Rev. Frances Silverthorne, Rev. Donna Cureton

The Associate Ministers of Brown’s Memorial Baptist Church provide pastoral type services to its members. The services include but are not limited to providing support to the congregation in devotions, leading worship services, teaching bible study, and in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our responsibilities also include visiting and ministering to the sick and shut-in of our church and to assist in other areas as the Pastor has need. Each minister is encouraged to exercise their gift, inside and outside of the church that will add to the Kingdom of God. This can be in the areas of preaching, singing, leading community initiatives, assisting the youth in and outside of the church, and aid in assisting our seniors. The associate ministers foster an atmosphere of love that enhances the worship experience not only to the members but to those who visit our church.