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Mission & Vision

Our ministry focus is on the relevance and recognition of the presence of God with signs and wonders as the manifestation. Understanding the need to be Bible based God has enabled the following strength building ministries and improvements which have been added to the church under Reverend Johnson’s leadership: 8:00 A.M. Worship Service, Intercessory Prayer, Helena Evans Deaconess Board, Prayer & Fasting, Praise & Worship Teams, the Ensemble Choral Aggregation, Children’s Church, Community Fellowship Choir, Youth New Members Class, Teen Bible Study, Lott Carey Youth Seminar, Security Ministry, Tape Ministry, Mother Beulah B Johnson Liturgical Dance Ministry, The Wileen Shields Mothers of Zion Board, A. G. Williams, Jr. Courtesy Ministry, Shelter Ministry, Vacation Bible Study, Ardelia Howell Soup Kitchen, The Pauline Watts Flower Ministry, Roberta S. Pettigrew Friends and Family Day, G.R.O.W., The Dunton Scholarship Ministry, R. Lee Johnson Mime Ministry, Drama Ministry, Noon-Day Worship, Advent, Lent and Good Friday Services, Outdoor Worship & Evangelism and Unity Day. Under the leadership of our pastor, eight persons have answered the call to the gospel ministry with three serving as pastors.
We the citizens of Brown’s Memorial are striving “To make the Church a Church where the vision of God is in the making and His promises are coming to pass“.